Video Production Services

While we here at OC Sound & Video place such a high emphasis on capturing clear location sound, we put equal emphasis on helping productions deliver high-quality video to their clients. Delivering your message is our highest priority; whether it’s a crowdfunding video, a social media campaign, convention or live event coverage, commercial or broadcast interviews, or internal company videos– whatever your vision or goal, we would love to work with you to bring your video to life!

Our video packages are designed to be flexible to help fit exactly what your production may need; from a single camera for simple stand-ups or a larger or a multi-camera package for event coverage or on-the-street interviews. We have everything you may need for your project; from an LED lighting kit, to timecode sync, optional audio packages, data transfer services on location, post production services, a team of reliable and knowledgeable camera operators, and much more. Just reach out and tell us what you need and we’ll try to make it happen! If we don’t have the configuration you’re looking for, we’ll be more than happy to suggest some other folks who may help!

Flexible Packages

We'll help customize a package for your production: whether you need just an operator, a camera package, a sound and video package, or another configuration!

Transfer & Post

In combination with our sound and video services, we can also provide on-location data transferring, as well as post production services upon request.

Edit-Ready Video

From the edit-ready ProRes and DnxHD formats to more traditonal H.264 and AVCHD formats, whatever your need, we'll make sure it's ready for post production!

We service a wide variety of productions, including:

On-Location Interviews

Whether it’s interviewing employees, executives, customers, or other talent at a home, beach, park, studio, or event, our camera operators will be prepared to help you capture what you need in whatever format you need!

Social Media Campaigns

Is your brand or production wanting to hit the ground running on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook? Then look no further– we’ll make sure your videos are recorded for whatever format you need for social media!

Live Event Coverage

From covering large conventions to capturing content for social media branding– we have what your production needs to capture live event footage, interviews, b-roll, and more!

Crowdfunding Videos

The last thing you should be worrying about when looking to crowdfund a project is whether or not it’ll be captured properly. Let us handle the technical aspects of your video– just focus on telling the world your story!


We have you covered when you need to capture footage of your production behind the scenes. Our camera operators will be discrete and focused, ensuring you’ll get great footage of your production-in-progress!

Livestreaming *

With an extensive background in every aspect of livestreaming, we can help your production go live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any other service! Whatever your setup, we’ll work to get you on air smoothly!

* Complete livestream packages will be available soon!

Package Configurations

Package Configurations

Whether you only need a camera operator or a multi-camera setup complete with audio– we have you covered with our configurable sound + video packages! Contact us for more info!

  • Single or Multi Camera(s)
  • Lenses & AKS Included
  • Sound Packages Available
  • Optional LED Lighting Package
  • Post Production Services *
  • Data Transfer Services
  • Timecode Sync Available
  • Knowledgeable Operators
  • Negotiable Pricing

*  Post production services, such as editing and graphic design, are subject to editor availability and budget.